This year California is facing one of the most severe budget shortfall in history. We have to mobilize to make sure the Governor and Legislature know that we can not sacrifice our kids' education in an effort to balance the budget. Please spread the word!

The deadline to adopt the budget is June 30. The state government rarely meets that deadline, but our district must pass a budget (with cuts) by that date.

On this page I will collect as much information as I can about the state budget and it's impact on Fremont schools. The items in bold below are the ones I recommend you look at first.

My Budget Blog Posts

Fremont Unified School District Information

What can you do?

Write or call the Governor and your legislator. (Example letters can be found here.) Attend rally's being put on throughout the state.

These organizations and links provide a way for you to get involved and to learn more!

General Information

Am I missing a resource? Please email it to me and I'll add it.

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